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Munch411 is the best online source for local establishments including, restaurants, bars, bakeries, delis, coffee shops, casinos, ethnic food, wine, beer and spirit shops, clubs and much more. We have the quickest and easiest way to search for specific eateries, specials being offered, amenities provided, customer reviews, menus, and photos.

Specific information for each business, such as descriptions, specials, locations, hours, etc., is found in their profile along with customer reviews. PLUS, Munch411 Members with a purchase of at least $20, at participating establishments, receive a 10% minimum discount via our "WE OUR CUSTOMERS PROGRAM" (excluding special offers, happy hours, etc. see FAQ's).

Best of all, It is free to become a Munch411 Member and only takes 1 minute to sign up!

Munch411 strives to help your local eatery by bringing them new customers. Who are those new customers? YOU ARE!

Since, we have complete information about area establishments Munch411 makes your food search quick, efficient, and hassle free. Eatery owners or managers can setup a free basic account. By upgrading to a premium account, businesses can advertise special offers, amenities, and events quickly informing customers of what they provide in complete detail. Simply put, we help people that don't know your eatery - know your eatery.

Munch411 wants to help people find great local spots while providing a tool for establishments to succeed. We strive to build clientele for local eateries by providing individuals with options and information, at their fingertips, that other websites do not provide.

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