Frequently Asked Questions

There are similar sites out there. Why Munch411?

Munch411 is the easiest and quickest way to find a specific restaurant with the amenities, features and special offers that you are looking for. Other sites do not provide the information that Munch411 provides. PLUS, Munch411 members receive at least 10% off their bill from participating restaurants in the "WE OUR CUSTOMERS PROGRAM" (Note: Discount is only applicable to purchases of $20 or more and dine-in only. This discount cannot be used on special offers and happy hours specials. Participating restaurants also have the right to discontinue their discounts at any time).

For our restaurant partners, Munch411 is founded with the basic idea of supporting local restaurants and providing their special offers to those in and out of the community. Munch411 is the fastest source for informing users of your specials, amenities and reviews. We strive to connect consumers to local restaurants and help local restaurants find new customers. The thousands of users of Munch411 are specifically searching for restaurants in certain areas. Also, Munch411 offers a FREE basic account to restaurants and the owners can manage their own account.

What are Munch411 Places?

Munch411 Places are many type of restaurants located in a specific area that you may be visiting, working or residing. This is an easy way for you to get informed on what the restaurants provide and offers before making your final restaurant decision.

What are Munch411 Offers?

Munch411 Offers are the specials, deals, freebies, promotional offers, happy hours that are offered by these restaurants to the general public.

How do I become a Munch411 Member?

Simply click the register button and sign up. It only takes 1 minute to register and it's FREE! It's that easy to start receiving your Munch411 member discount from participating restaurants!

If you prefer not to register - that's okay. You do not have to be a registered user to use Munch411 but you will not receive the Munch411 member discounts or be able to write reviews, until you become a Munch411 member. Your information will remain private and we will not sell your email account to a third party.

How do I receive the Munch411 member discount on some of the participating restaurants?

As long as you are a Munch411 member and your purchases amounts to $20 or more, all you need to do is sign-in to your account on your Smartphone and show your profile page to your server.

A heart will be displayed next to the restaurants that are participating in giving discounts to our Munch411 Members. The number inside the heart is the discounted amount that you will receive from that participating restaurant. The participating restaurants are offering this discount in the "WE OUR CUSTOMERS PROGRAM" . (Note: Discount is only applicable to purchases of $20 or more and dine-in only. This discount cannot be used on special offers and happy hours specials. Participating restaurants also have the right to discontinue their discounts at any time).

Can a restaurant set up their own account?

Yes, every restaurant owner or manager can set up a free BASIC account.

How much does it cost for a restaurant to get a PREMIUM account with all the features?

ONLY $8/month!!! That's only $2/week to advertise your business!!! Munch411 is the most economical way to advertise your establishment!

What does the PREMIUM account provide the eateries?
  • Show cover/logo image in full color, write your own restaurant description, menus, specials, photos, etc.
  • Promote your business page in social media
  • Valuable analytics (Current Day in 3-Hour Interval Bar Chart, Last 7 Days & Last 30 Days Visits with Geo-Location, Customized Date-Range Stat)
  • The ability to reply to customer reviews

What are reviews? What can I write in my reviews?

We welcome users to share their experience on any of the listed Munch411 places whether good or bad. We encourage our users to post honest and helpful reviews of their experiences to help inform other guests when making their decision. We do not permit dishonest, slanderous or spam related feedback. Reviews such as these will be promptly removed. See our Content Guidelines for more information on posting a review.

Can I write reviews anonymously?

Unfortunately not. To be able to write reviews you must be a registered Munch411 user. Posting reviews requires signing into your personal account. Remember, it is free to sign up and information will be at your fingertips in no time.

Once I write a review, can I still edit it?

Of course! Editing your previous review is easy. You can edit your reviews on the "REVIEW" page of your member account section.

Can I post multiple reviews for the same business?

No, a user/reviewer can only post one review per business. This allows others to provide their own opinion and feedback on their experiences.

Do you disclose the full identity of the reviewer?

Privacy is very important to us. We do not disclose the full identity of the person writing any reviews except in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The only information provided to the public will be the reviewer's first name and last name initial along with their registered city and state. This information will be alongside their posted reviews along with their profile picture (if available).

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